a little birdhouse

I wrote about Tamar Mogendorff a while ago after finding her amazing animals constructed from wool and vintage fabrics. I didn’t know that her animals could get any better than they already were, and then I saw this post about her little bird houses. I really want one or ten. or at least I want to make some of my own. or start making my birds again.
{from tamar mogendorff, via black eiffel}

8 Responses to “a little birdhouse”

  1. Ali said:

    those are so wonderful…

  2. ambika said:

    Wow. These are too perfect. I love the use of newsprint and am trying to figure out how to fit one into my living room…

  3. Jessica said:

    I simply adore her work and didn’t know she made these little birdhouses either!

    They need to be clustered together I think.

  4. Whatever Dee-Dee wants said:

    Im normally not a fan of birds, but this is too cute!

  5. Rachel said:

    Thanks for the mention. Aren’t these great?!

  6. michelle said:

    So cute! I really like the arrangement of multiple birdhouses hanging on the wall.

  7. paigepop said:

    those are adorable and they look so amazing all together. who fun would a whole wall of them be??

  8. pia said:

    how adorable, i love these! i will have to take a closer look, nice find alyson! imagine 10 of them in a row along a hallway wall, you could look into them as you walked through. cute.