monday + that key

well. it’s monday again. and seriously? does it have to come around so fast? it’s like, I blink an eye, and whoosh, it’s monday again. and I’m tired.
going to sleep after midnight on sunday night = bad idea.
oh and not to mention, I wake up this morning to find out that Polaroid is calling it quits on instant film? not a good day.

in other news, this is a picture of a key I framed that my rad friend Jess gave me for my birthday/christmas present. she knows me so well. I’m a huge sucker for skeleton keys. I would buy the whole basket of them from antique shops if I could afford them. I saw a giant key one time, maybe 7 or 8 inches long. it was $20 and I nearly bust out my credit card for that one. but I didn’t get it. and I’m still sad about it.
so back to my story. Jess gave me this really cool key and to give it the best honor ever, I decided that it deserved a frame of it’s own. I hot glued it in place, and sandwiched it between two pieces of glass, to create the floating look. it’s hung on our wall, paired with a really cool skeleton key greeting card that I found this holiday season.
I quite like my keys. except that our tiny apartment is overwhelmed with keys now.
I can’t wait to move.

4 Responses to “monday + that key”

  1. ali said:

    I love it in that frame.

  2. Jamey said:

    no more polaroid! no wonder i-zone film was on clearance. i love to use polaroids at parties. this is very sad.

  3. Robin said:

    Oh, when I first saw it on your flickr I thought that the key was hanging on your shirt’s button and you were just holding the frame around it :). Your way is much more practical.

  4. Joanna Goddard said:

    i’m so impressed w/how you framed this!