move over garden burger

I made these for dinner on Sunday night and they are sooooo delicious. even as left-overs! I’m such a fan of the tasty cooking from Heidi of 101 Cookbooks. I’ve cooked 4 meals from her cookbook or blog in the past five days. I got her cookbook, Super Natural Cooking, for my birthday. I’ve drooled over it, thinking about all of the fabulous, healthy vegetarian meals that I will be eating.
things for you to try:
ultimate veggie burgers
raspberry mega scones {I made them with huckleberry}
pine nut rosemary shortbread cookies {I made these over christmas, shaped like trees}
aromatic noodles
animal crackers {salty, not sweet}


2 Responses to “move over garden burger”

  1. chelsea said:

    That looks so yummy! Whenever I get around to my new years resolution of cooking more, it will be first on my list to make.

  2. laceyJ. said:

    Yum… I always love a good recipe- even better when it’s a vegetarian recipe. Thanks!