right this second…

I’m looking forward to:
sunshine, bikes, and spring-like weather this weekend. {it’ll be sunny and 60 degrees on Sunday!}

never did I ever:
imagine myself thinking of 60 degrees as warm!

I’m very excited:
about my herringbone shaybelle dress.
for our fall collection. just wait, it’s incredible.

I adore:
this sofa.

I really really really wish that:
I wasn’t trapped behind my desk today.
I hadn’t procrastinated this week, thus having work to do this weekend.

if I had a million dollars:
I’d jump on a plane to Florida to have wine time with Tiff. she really needs wine time.

happy weekend.

{image from nich hance}

3 Responses to “right this second…”

  1. longshadows said:

    yes, wine time sounds perfect

  2. swell.life said:

    You and I have swapped winters…Before living in S.F., never did I believe that 60 degrees could feel cold!! :) And oooh, what fun it would be to camp out on a trampoline!

  3. Joanna Goddard said:

    that photo is great…