salt {and pepper}

lately, dlb and I have had a big interest in gourmet salts and peppers. a little while back, I saw this book at a local cooking store and my interest was truly sparked. before I began getting into cooking and experimenting in the kitchen, I didn’t know that there was quite a massive collection of salts and peppers to be had. so today when I stumbled upon The Meadow, a specialty store in North Portland which has an extensive collection of gourmet finishing salts and specialty peppers, I got very excited and anxious to learn.
{left images from the meadow, right image from salt & pepper}

5 Responses to “salt {and pepper}”

  1. Jo said:

    I love gourmet spices & went gaga when I came across Pink Himalayan salt & black salt from Hawaii. A great online retailer is Nirmala’s Kitchen…very reasonable prices & fab packaging.

  2. jamieanne said:

    OK, I think that the whole specialty S&P thing is sooooo cool. You must share what you try.

  3. sulu-design said:

    Have you been to Nutshell, a vegetarian restaurant on N. Williams (kinda near The Meadow)? For a first course, they have a bread, salt, and oil menu from which you get to choose fancy salts to go with your carbohydrates. Yum.

  4. Sheila said:

    I hadn’t really thought about gourmet salts but the lovely photos and the imaginings about them make me want to run out and buy some!! Thanks for sharing!!!!