a thoughtful gift

Ali and I have said many times how much we think alike.  little did we know that in our separate cities {and probably the same moment} we were each thinking about sending each other a pretty little package in the mail.  when I got home from work on Friday, this was waiting for me, bundled up tightly in a bubble wrap mailer.  

Ali, I love the skeleton keys and I love the marshmallows.  I love that you thought of giving me a key.  a few weeks ago, when Jess gave me a key for my birthday I had a thought: wouldn’t it be awesome if I had a collection of skeleton keys that were either found or given to me as random gifts? {note: I lost focus on that idea as I was digging through a bowl full of keys while antique shopping the very next day…but anyhooo}  I think that a gifted/found key collection is a wonderful idea, therefore, I could not be happier with your kindness.  thank you Ali!
{and not to mention, I’m a little sweeter with the taste of those marshmallows still lingering on my tongue!}

5 Responses to “a thoughtful gift”

  1. Bridget said:

    That card is so cute. HOoe you enjoyed the nice weather today! I am so ready for Spring.

  2. Catherine said:

    Oh what a lovely gift to receive! I love your keys, such a great thing to collect.

  3. andrea said:

    hi alyson! i found you through your comment on my blog. how funny is it that we just photographed vintage keys? i love them too! cute blog here!

  4. Whatever Dee-Dee wants said:

    So thoughtful!

  5. ali said:

    Oh, goodie. You got them safe and sound. I had a hard time sealing the bubble mailer … if you couldn’t tell. :)

    I hope you enjoy them, my friend.