today I fell in love…

with yellow rain boots. on my way to work this morning, I passed a girl wearing bright yellow wellies. granted, the sun was out this morning, so bright that I had to put on my sunglasses, which haven’t had much use lately. so, to me, it looked a little silly for her to be sporting those sassy yellow boots, however, I still fell in love.
and now I’m dreaming about owning a pair of my own. I have black, of course, but could one have more than one pair of wellies?
{from hunter}

8 Responses to “today I fell in love…”

  1. {emily + russ} said:

    you’re not alone, i have 5 different colors, but, my hunters are my favorite!

  2. Tiffany said:

    I have spent a couple of months contemplating which color of wellie I’m going to purchase (leaning heavily toward the orange-y/brown shade). I never thought of getting MORE than one pair! Hmmmm….

  3. jen said:

    i have several ;)

    just saw the hunters in the new j.crew and quite lustful myself!

  4. Chelsea said:

    You should have several. Especially in this city.

  5. Joanna Goddard said:

    yellow and boots are everywhere these days. !

  6. Jo said:

    A friend just sent me the link to some hot pink wellies; they look like candy & make me happy…I’m a bit frightened by the color though.

    I’m in love with Burberry rainboots in their trademark plaid. If I lived where it rains more than 1 month of the year, I’d definitely get several pairs!

  7. jamieanne said:

    To answer your question, I have 3 pair of wellies. I love each of them with all my heart.

  8. Amy Nieto said:

    those are fantastic and i’d wear them everyday. every single day. Also, if I lived in a town where rain was a common occurrence, i’d get several. but, no.