tv trays

after I graduated from college, I moved back to Tampa and lived with my Grandmother for a little while. since it was just the two of us eating dinner most nights, we didn’t bother to set up the dining room table and put out formal silverware and placemats. instead, we put out food on little trays and carried them into the living room to watch tv. it wasn’t the eat on your lap tv tray, but yet, a handy device to carry everything to the table in one swoop.
I like these Melamine trays. cute and whimsical.
{from three potato four}

5 Responses to “tv trays”

  1. longshadows said:

    those are a-dorable. especially the top ones with little yellow zoo animals.

  2. Kelly said:

    very, very sweet. i can’t even choose just one!

  3. Tammy said:

    I’ve had my eye on these too. Another ‘tray’ (the site calls them lapdesks)you may want to take a look at, http://roomservicehome.com/prodinfo.asp?number=GC234101

    I mention b/c since we both liked the trays you posted, you may also like these? I particularly like the argyle one (pictured more toward the back).

  4. alyson. said:

    those are cute too!! and is that a drink holder hole?

  5. Jessica said:

    adorable top tray. I love the giraffe so much, perfect for kids!