urbn online

anyone else notice the snazzy new layout for the Urban Outfitters website? I’d seen it a week or so ago, but when Jess linked to it today, it really stood out as being fresh and inviting. I actually wanted to purchase something just because the site looked so good! oh yea, and if I did purchase something or things, I’d get this dress, this sweater, this scarf, and these shoes.

3 Responses to “urbn online”

  1. jessabean said:

    Will you makeover my wardrobe for me, please? :)

    And I do like the new site design. It’s amazine what some sites can do with such a minimal color palette.

  2. katrina said:

    oh i love those shoes, i have been thinking about purchasing them.
    i love your blog, would you mind if i linked you in mine?

  3. ievute said:

    oh my! what a dress! and what a top!!! here, thosewhite I mean…
    I think I know what I’ll be dreaming tonight :)