you know me well.

I had no idea that Ez, of the ever so pleasing blog, Creature Comforts, was planning to create these gorgeous style blog buttons to go into her design and style blog guide, but I’m sure glad she did. and I’m even more glad and honored that unruly things is one of the many gorgeous blogs that she is featuring. I’m second to last, and I always like that. :)
so here I am, gray, black, blue, white… tights, candy, denim, cloudy prints… she’s got me figured out so well.
I’ve got a lot of blog researching to do, there are lots on this list that I’m unfamiliar with. and thank you for including me!

4 Responses to “you know me well.”

  1. babelfish said:

    Congrats on your feature, Creature Comforts is a great blog.

  2. Joanna Goddard said:

    what fun! you look great.

  3. michelle said:

    You deserve it, I luvre your blogggg

  4. karey m. said:

    and that’s exactly how i found you! i always begin at the end (maybe bc of where i live!)…

    am loving all your finds!