you make my day

the talented miss Ali of Ali Love Curtis, picked me as one of the blogs that make her day. I was thrilled by her comments about me, and quite honestly, she suits me too! she’s kinda like the good girl friend that I haven’t “met” yet. she’s a fab gal who’s photos and findings always inspire me.

so, to follow suit, I’ve narrowed it down to five blogs that make my day. it’s hard because there are literally over 100 blogs that I read on a daily basis that I love and am inspired by. many talented individuals, so to pick just five is tough, but here goes:

Joy: it was Oh Joy! that inspired me to really start blogging. I found her blog one sweet afternoon in the Fall of 2006 and was instantly hooked. her style and eye for design is simply impeccable. and a year and a half later, I’m still hooked.

Sally: I love her simplicity. when I visit shim & sons, I instantly feel like my desk is cleaned up because of the bright white and clean design of her blog. her findings are great and those two boys are simply adorable. I only dream of having a studio/design space like hers.

Sandra: smosch is a new blog to me. I love her illustrations and cut outs. and her photos of stormy days really came close to home. I love how she can convey a mood in the photos on her blog.

Bridget: I love how real she is. in her blog, A Day in a Life, Bridget talks about life in general and has a humorous twist to everything. my favorite post: Ethan wants a pet eagle and Cole would like a pet dragon.

Deb: oh where oh where would I be with out Smitten Kitchen? I love her adapted recipes. I love her photos. I love her witty humor. in fact, I love her Winter Squash Soup so much, I’ve cooked it three times in the past month. really, it’s incredible.

now each of you listed above are supposed to choose five people whose blogs make your day, make a list on your blog, and then let them know via comment on their blog. no pressure, I just thought I’d let you know that by blogging those pretty little things and sharing your recipes and a glimpse into your lives, that you brighten my day.

{and here’s your virtual award: a cupcake because cupcakes make my day. photo from moonjuice}

8 Responses to “you make my day”

  1. HipKid said:

    Hi Alyson,

    I too love Shim and sons. I read it daily and I’m always amazed at how she keeps everything so “white.”

  2. Bridget said:

    I feel so special! Thank you. I totally admire people like you who are artistic and can convey it so beautifully and simply through a blog. So there’s a compliment back atcha. ;)

  3. jessabean said:

    This is completely off topic, but when I came across it, I thought about you: Mini Hand Made Keys Book.

    I’ll have to check out some of the blogs you mention above. I certainly like yours!

  4. Rachel said:

    Your blog is really lovely, artistic and inspiring, i’m glad I found it :)

  5. sandra said:

    oh thank you :) such kind words. i love the garamond here!

  6. alyson. said:

    garamond is my favorite font. :)

  7. Casey said:

    argus 75, huh? i will have to check it out. can’t wait to see what (sure to be great) images you take!