zip pouch

I like these zippered pouches, but I couldn’t have just one. I like all of them, and I’d want to have them all lined up in a pretty row like this. I’d like one to throw in my gigantic purse to put pens, chapstick, and the other things that get lost in the abyss.
{from via maris. oh, and I just noticed on the site, it says that the size of these little pouches is 13′ x 4.5″ x 3″. wow. 13 feet long? maybe I need this to put my once-thought-to-be-gigantic purse into!}

3 Responses to “zip pouch”

  1. Kelly said:

    oooh, i likey. i’d need at least three for my purse in order to do any sort of organization!

  2. longshadows said:

    13 feet. hehe. everytime i think i’m over it, i imagine a 13 foot pouch and start giggling all over again. hehe.

  3. meg said:

    when i think about its supposed measurements i start giggling too… could you imagine purchasing this for travelling? at leats you could say that you fit all of your clothing into a ‘toiletry bag’. i crack myself up. :)) megxx