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custom headers

I’ve set up a listing in my shop for customized headers. if you need a header, go check it out!

{if you haven’t seen the headers I’ve designed, you can see some of them here. above are just a few of the illustration samples that I’ve used on other headers. if you’d like a customized header, please email me and we’ll go from there! I’m available to illustrate or design for a wide range of things. contact me for more info.}


a beer book

when I was in college, I took a course on wine and culture. yep, a full credit class dedicated to exploring wine in it’s entirety while sipping on tastings of at least 4 or 5 ounce pours of wine each class period. drinking at school = an amazing concept.
anyway, throughout the course of the class, we took evaluations on each of the wines we tasted and compiled them together into a book which we created. there was no limit to our creativity, we were just told that the better we displayed the styles, our tastings, and evaluations, the better our grade. I covered an old ring binder with watercolor paper and painted a bunch of red grapes onto the cover. then I separated each style of wine into sections in my book, filed under red and white wines, and ordered by body. sauvignon blanc fell first starting off the whites, and syrah and zinfandel ended the reds. the book was concluded with some fortified wine – port, sherry, and madeira. I enjoyed making that book, and I still enjoy going back to look at my illustrations of wine glasses and evaluations of each wine.
if you don’t already know, dlb and I are big beer drinkers. we’ve tasted close to 300 different beers. in the fall of 2006, we started a beer book, with labels saved from all of the different beers that we’ve tasted. the label is placed inside the book along with the brewery information, website, and a little evaluation of it. I’ve often wondered what we will do with it if we ever decide to stop saving labels. then this morning I found this.

this neat little book by Joe McLaren made me think of my wine book and it’s illustrations and descriptions. it gave me inspiration on what to do with our labels. to compile them into a new, better book and describe each style, as I once described each grape. since we have so many labels, my thought is to highlight beers from each style for the book, and maybe include some of the pretty labels too – yes, I tend to judge a new beer by the label.
{from joe mclaren, joe mclaren via a book by it’s cover}


lauren’s historic ybor home

my good friend Lauren from back home in Tampa, just recently purchased an early 1900’s apartment with a charming vintage appeal in the heart of historic Ybor City. the apartment/home is on the second floor of a commercial building that was built in 1908. the lower level of the building was originally a business and the second level served as a home for the shop owners.
last night Lauren sent me some pictures of her newly restored home. she and her boyfriend have worked hard to restore it and it really has turned out to be amazing. the fixing up has been a long process, and she’s admits that it’s an ongoing project.
as I looked through the pictures, I was in love. it’s perfect and totally her style. the hardwood floors are gorgeous and I can just picture she and her friends playing pool while watching sports on their big screen tv. but I especially wanted to show you her kitchen, which I found to be simply breathtaking.
the merlot red walls, the bright white cabinets, combined with that oh so classically early 1900’s black and white tile flooring. it looks like a perfect space for cooking up delicious meals. thanks for letting me share, Lauren! I can’t wait to see it in person this May.


the whites of spring

if I told you I didn’t have a overwhelming crush on white, I’d be desperately lying. if I could, I’d decorate with white and pops of color, dress in white, and photograph with lots of bright whites. it’s crisp and clean and simply striking.
if I didn’t spill something on my self every darn time that I wore white, I’d wear it more often. but I like these whites of spring a lot.
{from j. crew}


right this second…

I’m enjoying my weekend.  

isn’t it nice sometimes when you take the day off from work and completely forget about responsibilities for once?  I did this yesterday.  I let my anxieties about upcoming projects and work go.  completely.  for just one day.  and I let my blog go, untouched for a whole day.  I didn’t even think about it until around 9:30 last night.  
and ya know what?  it felt pretty darn good.  to just completely let go.  but now, I’m back to work.  after a photo session with dlb and time in the wee moments of sunshine today.  
enjoy your weekend, and see you monday!
{photo by me}