crocs in a hot car

sometime, oh… let’s say in the summer of 2006, there was a girl who fell in love with a boy. this boy couldn’t stand pointy toe shoes and spike heels. he hated even more when she’d complain that her feet hurt. so this girl broke down and bought some comfort shoes, aka Crocs. she thought, hey, they’ll be great for the beach, boat, and everything else Florida related, and plus, they are super comfortable. secretly, she thought her feet looked funny and a little bit like she’d fallen for the Croc cult, but her feet felt good when she wore them.
then one day, actually one really long week turned weekend, she left her Crocs in the sweltering heat of Florida, in her hot, steamy car.
and they shrank.

so, she no longer wears those brownish-greenish Cayman Crocs, but she’s been eying these purple ones named Alice. {they are actually kind of cute, no?}

7 Responses to “crocs in a hot car”

  1. Claudia said:

    cute and more feminine!

  2. lucyre said:

    ah, see my boy would never forgive me if I wore Crocs. we’re talking merciless mockery and refusal to be in my presence whilst wearing them. but those little purple numbers…I might be able to sneak by with those

  3. chikaustin said:

    I just came across your blog. Very cute story! I feel the same way in my crocs. I just bought those for my daughter and she loves them. They do seem smaller don’t they?!?

  4. Michelle said:

    Oh boy, I feel like I AM that girl, yikes. but these shoes, these…they may be the answer, they just may be.

  5. Bree said:

    oh yes! i plan on getting myself a little pair if red alices…

  6. Laura said:

    Never thought I’d say it about a pair of Crocs, but those actually *are* kind of cute.