denim overdue

I am in desperate need of some new denim. my once skinny jeans have now become my “I can’t wear them for too long before they stretch and literally fall off because they are just too big for me” jeans. I know that there are some fabulous denim brands out there, but I just can’t bring myself to flop out a big handful of cash for a pair of premium denim. quite honestly, I don’t know the first thing about premium denim and haven’t cared to take the time to find out. I do know which brands have been good to me, and which styles fit. I’m toying with the idea of trouser jeans, but most I’ve tried are too long, and I’m also up for a pair of black denim that won’t fade.
oh, the denim woes. got any suggestions? I’m over flare jeans… and I’m beginning to tire of boot cut too. so I’m thinking straight leg, and oh… not skinny fit.  I need to start looking at a selection of jeans to see what suits!
{from j. crew}

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  1. lucy said:

    my most favorite pair of jeans came from The Limited about 4 years ago. i think they’re technically boot cut, but i’m really not sure. they’ve faded a bit (i mean, 4 years, come on) but they still look pretty fab and the fit it a-mazing. i’m desperately in need of a new pair and planning to check out the limited again. and i’m thinking straight leg. yeaaaah.

  2. Alicia said:

    I had a pair of trouser cut jeans that I LOVED but they ripped… And I tried to replace them recently & while the new ones are ok if you have to get too much hemmed than they look a little too wide-leg and clown-like. I love/hate shopping for jeans. Good luck!

  3. Paige said:

    i love my pair of j crew matchstick jeans as well as my joe’s jeans cigarette jeans. both are surprisingly not skinny fit even though they sound like it. they give you a nice fit and a straight leg.

  4. Kate of All Trades said:

    I recently bought a pair of straight leg jeans from Target, they are Converse brand. So far, I’m really happy with them. Not too stretchy and the rise isn’t too low. They were a tad long but shrunk just enough with the first wash to be OK. They would look great with those Missoni shoes you posted. Too bad I am also short a spare $400.

  5. Jess said:

    umm. good luck with black that won’t fade. if someone came up with that it would be the 8th world wonder.

  6. Kerry said:

    I randomly found your blog…

    Have you tried zafu.com? This site will take you through a few questions and then tell you what jeans work best for you. I found that Lucky brand work best for me and now that is what I buy other than J.Crew jeans.

  7. amy korngiebel said:

    lately, i’ve been loving the slightly baggy boy cut.

  8. ambika said:

    All of my so-called premium denim has come from Nordstrom Rack. I find it very worth my time to comb their racks. Usually I’ve never heard of the brand but the washes definitely take a lot longer to fade, they keep their shape better, and often the sizing is a little bit more true (since they’re often sized like men’s jeans rather than the 4-6-8 nonsense.)

    The too long thing was half the reason I bought a sewing machine. *Everything* is too long on me and I was tired of paying 15 to the tailor whenever I bought pants.

  9. jenny said:

    i have the j.crew matchstick fit, and i love them to death (they’re not super skinny, they’re just right). the rise is not too low, so you don’t have to worry about showing crack. i am planning on asking for the trouser fit ones for my birthday because the other ones fit me so well. i refuse to spend over $100 on jeans, so i think the j.crew ones are a good choice. if they’re too long, you can take them to a tailor to hem them for you. also, check out the sale rack at anthropologie. i’ve gotten a pair of wide leg jeans i love for $40 there and also a pair of black paper denim and cloth ones for $40.