harness moc

I really really really want these, paired with dark denim and a crisp white shirt.
{from zappos}

8 Responses to “harness moc”

  1. Sarah said:

    Oh these look so comfy. I love ‘em. Yep, definitely with dark denim. A good look.

  2. Claire said:

    Oooh – I want a pair too!

  3. Lucy said:

    you’re blog makes my empty wallet cause me actual physical pain.

    (but please don’t stop–those shoes are fab-o)

  4. Joanna Goddard said:

    LOVE these!! i want.

  5. fine little day said:

    Me too, want.

  6. Valerie said:

    Nine West has a pair almost exactly like these on sale right now! You should check it out!

  7. Sara Christine said:

    Yellow loafers! Perfect for spring. I am easily excited by footwear, thank you for making my Friday. Happy Easter!

  8. canyouhearme? said:

    LOVE the color of these!