illustrated collections

I love organized collections. I enjoy seeing what others are collecting and how they display them. today I found these prints and I really like the seeing illustrative quality of each collection.
{clockwise from top left: nesting material, indian summer, ferns, poplar leaves}
{for some photographic inspiration, check out this flickr group.}

4 Responses to “illustrated collections”

  1. jo said:

    i’m so into collections and collectors. i just joined that flickr group and this weekend i photographed some of little collections!!! i will post them soon :) i really like your shell collection by the way!

  2. Jessica said:

    I think these prints are awesome – great color and they would make a fine collection on the wall together.

  3. Amy Nieto said:

    I am into collections lately, as well. An attempt at collecting all the pieces of my life scattered abouts in this studio of mine? hmmm
    I had a Rogue chocolate beer today (shoot, I didn’t know it was $15) and I thought of you because it’s from Oregon!

    Thanks for the sweet comment the other day ^_^

  4. d.Sharp said:

    Love these illustrations! I am afraid if I started photographing my collections it would require much dusting. Just kidding.{a bit}