I’ve done a bad thing.

well, most of you won’t think it’s too bad… actually, I’m quite sure that a lot of you will think it’s fabulous. but, to me, adding another obsession to my long list of ways to procrastinate, usually isn’t a good thing in my book… especially when I know that there are four seasons waiting for me to watch.
so, last night dlb and I started watching Lost. I’d been hearing all the hype about it and I mean, how could I not be interested. so after seeing a clip of the pilot on a TED talk by J.J. Abrams, both of us decided that it was time to see more and find out what all of this talk was about.
I have to admit, planes crashing and exploding into a million pieces is one of my biggest fears, so the scenes reenacting the crash are a little nerve racking for me. but polar bears, secret identities, crazy wild things that live in the jungle, and on the edge of your seat action is right up my alley.

and I’m hooked.

but please… don’t ruin it for me, I’m only on episode 3 of season 1.

8 Responses to “I’ve done a bad thing.”

  1. |emily| said:

    alyson you’re an angel! thank you so much!

    p.s. me and my boy-toy watched seasons 1-3 in two weeks. i shouldn’t admit that, but lost is just that good.

  2. embee said:

    we just started watching Lost too! We are on the beginning of Season 2. Love it, and can’t believe I never was into this before!

  3. amy said:

    ha. it was only a matter of time dear.

  4. Amy Nieto said:

    oh no. you’re screwed. Now you have to go thru 3 seasons of intrigue and impossibilities. sometimes i hate lost sometimes i thank the stars for it. hehe The first 8 minutes of the pilot episode are some of the best, and fantastically produced 8 minutes ever captured for the small screen. Episode 4 with Locke’s story is… I have no words for it.

  5. michelle {lovely.little.things} said:

    Oh my gosh, I am totally obsessed with LOST! My friends and I get together every Thursday night to watch the newest episode. Welcome to the club!

  6. Caitlin said:

    I just got hooked as well. Isn’t it addictive? I just finished season two, and it only gets better.