oregon soap

while I’m on the topic of soap, I will admit, I don’t always buy soaps just because they look pretty. I also buy soap that makes me feel good and works with my skin. Oregon Soap Company, located here in Portland, is a soap company dedicated to a greener environment. the company plants one tree for each 10 bars of soap that it sells, which offsets it’s carbon emissions. plus, all of their soaps are created with 100% certified organic ingredients. I use the Honey Oatmeal soap for my face and it smells good and gently exfoliates my skin. you can find it at either Whole Foods or New Seasons.
{from oregon soap company}

3 Responses to “oregon soap”

  1. the southern hostess said:

    Ooo, honey oatmeal sounds wonderful!

  2. Joanna Goddard said:

    nice! i love soaps that exfoliate. oatmeal sounds lovely :)

  3. Kate said:

    the honey and oatmeal sounds tasty, although i wouldn’t encourage anyone to eat soap :)