saipua soap

I’m such a sucker when it comes to pretty packaging. I’m the perfect example of someone who might “judge a book by it’s cover” because I like to have pretty things, be it a book, a bottle of shampoo, or a bar of soap. so naturally, I want some these soaps in every scent.
{from anthropologie}

3 Responses to “saipua soap”

  1. Laura said:

    I saw (and smelled) these at Anthro the other day and was totally smitten. I love the ones that are packaged with maps!

  2. katrina said:

    this is very pretty soap!
    i might have to buy some.
    in fact i’ve been getting myself in trouble with that lately, i’ve been buying too much soap. is there such a thing?

  3. Susan said:

    In a dirty world…there is never too much soap!