Tiffany reminded me how much I love Sia. I first fell in love with Sia when she sang for Zero 7 on their debut album, Simple Things. if you know me, you know that Zero 7 is quite possibly my favorite band and sometimes I believe that Sia is the reason that I love them so much. she has such natural talent. her voice is so amazing. I still have yet to see her live, and she’s been to Portland twice since I’ve lived here. hopefully one day… and hopefully she’ll sing that song that got me hooked, Destiny. she’s fantastic.
{from sia music}

3 Responses to “sia”

  1. Richie Designs said:

    omg LOVE her!!! I’ve seen her preform a few times some with Zero 7 and twice she performed with Beck on stage singing the song from Grease “you’re the one I want” which was AMAZING.

    I was able to see her in November for her solo tour -she is “elf magic” in person as my friend described. She’s a little kid trapped in a big body.

    I highly recommend catching her next time she’s in town!

  2. canyouhearme? said:

    i could listen to her “breathe me” over and over and over and over and over again– and…i have. LOVE sia!

  3. justbeyou said:

    Oh I needed new music soooo bad.

    She is fabulous, so soulful.

    thanks for sharing!