five drawers

so this past weekend, dlb and I acquired a new desk. a free new desk, that just so happens to be an old Danish Modern style desk in just the right size for our apartment. {I can’t stop looking at it, I love it and will photograph it soon}
so… the search continues for the perfect set of drawers to hold all of my craft goodness. currently, I’ve got everything in a rubbermaid tub which is great for tucking things away, but awful when I find out that the box of beads that I want to use is at the bottom of the tub.
today I found this 5-drawer cabinet, and I think it’s perfect. especially since you can purchase drawer inserts with either 4, 9, 16, or 24 compartments that fit nicely into the drawers! the neutral fan inside me is screaming dark gray or white, but another part of me really likes that red one.
but 11″ x 16″ does seem a little bit on the small side. at that size, I’d need two or three to even look substantial in our apartment. hm… maybe it’s almost perfect.
{from the container store}

11 Responses to “five drawers”

  1. Bridget said:

    Oooh, I love those. The container store is one of my favs.

  2. Kelly said:

    these are fantastic! my checking account is incredibly lucky i don’t live near a Container Store!!

  3. Chelsea said:

    I think Ikea has one identical but taller!

  4. Joanna Goddard said:

    i love the red. when mags feature white and wood office spaces with a bit of red, it’s always so appealing. good luck! :)

  5. Whatever Dee-Dee wants said:

    Oh I love them! I want some too!

  6. fine little day said:

    Bisley rules, Ikea┬┤s havent the same great touch.

  7. Rachel said:

    These are great, I have one kind of similar to this but much older and it definitely is the best thing to store art supplies in. It is one of those things that would be hard to live without. (Mine is made by Acorn, I don’t know if they still make it?) I love the colors the container store one comes in. Good luck.

  8. Sarah said:

    I can’t wait to see a photograph of your desk!

  9. Jessica said:

    I love the color selection for this…fantastic!!

  10. e.soule said:

    love these drawers! I keep contemplating buying 1 or 2, but the price kind of catches me before I make the purchase…

  11. Good-Grace said:

    these are great… a much better alternative to the stacks of papers floating around my office space. great find!