sunali + customized

firstly I want to thank everyone for the amazing response to my custom designs. I love hearing everyone’s input and thoughts. there’s a funny little thing about blogging that I didn’t expect when I first signed up for my blogger account. I knew it was going to be a home for my thoughts and ideas for a long time coming, but it was the friendships, and networks, and great circle of inspirational people that I would “meet” that really make blogging special. so, thank you for being my friends!
here are four new headers that I’ve just finished for the lovely ladies of In{side} the Loop, Allison Wrote, Lizzy Dishes, and I Heart You. I had fun with these, exploring new ideas and color as you may have noticed. this neutral girl has gone wild, and started using color, and I quite like it. even though pink is my least favorite color, I have Paige, of I Heart You to thank for challenging me to use that bold pink on her header. and it fits her perfectly!
. .. .. . .. .. . .. .. . .. .. . .. .. . .. .. . .. .. . .. .. . .. ..
so, now. I’d like to tell you a little bit about what I’m happy and excited to offer you. I’m currently available to customize just about anything that you can think of: blog headers, stationary, invitations, note cards, business cards, calling cards, recipe cards, and more. I’ve added a link to my side bar which now links to all of the custom work that I have done previously, but will eventually link to my new design site which is in the works. aside from giving you whimsical and unique designs, I can offer a quick turn around and affordable pricing.
email me
if you have any questions or would like to start a custom job.

{as of yesterday, I’ve increased the price for blog headers. I wanted to offer a fair price while also being fair to myself. though after spending hours researching and developing 2 or 3 header designs for each person, I was beginning to feel a little on the short side. so, to be fair to you and fair to myself, I’ve upped my pricing. as always if you are interested in a design or would like to know more, please drop me a line}

12 Responses to “sunali + customized”

  1. Chelsea said:

    They all turned out really cute, Alyson!!

  2. In(side) the Loop said:

    Good for you Alyson!! And congrats on all the exciting new things you’ve been up to. Can’t wait to see more…

  3. allison said:


    thank you so so much for my wonderful header. i adore your work!

    i was just thinking about how i might want some business cards by you. i’ll let you know!


  4. Lizzy said:

    Thanks so much for the header! I love it SO SO much!

  5. Alya said:

    good job! good luck with future projects :)

  6. Paige said:

    Thank you for my adorable blog header, Alyson! The pink really does suite my girly little blog. :) I am sure I will be a repeat customer now that you are offering other personalized things…now that you’ve mastered pink and all! :)

  7. Joanna Goddard said:

    these are adorable!

  8. design for mankind. said:

    Oh my graciuos— you are like UBERtalented!!! :)

  9. amy korngiebel said:

    i think these are great! i’ve just started blogging (last week!) and am having a lot of fun with it. once things sort themselves out and i get a bit more into it, i’d love to have your help in designing a header. i’m definitely a neutral girl like you.

  10. Mme. Fabuleux said:

    I love these headers! Great job… as usual! :)
    Still loving the crap out of mine!

  11. michelle {lovely.little.things} said:

    Sounds like the blog-header business is alive and well! Good to hear! I still brag about you! : )

  12. Victoria said:

    these look great!