I love these sunwashed khakis, especially those red ones. part of me wants one in every color, but the black loving, neutral fan in me that doesn’t like to stand out in a crowd says, “hello Alyson, you’d totally stick out like a sore thumb if you ever wore those!”
but, I still think they are cute. and perfect for vacation… somewhere tropical. like now.
{from the gap}
{funny story, in that “black loving” post about feeling a little black, I was wearing a black shift dress,
a black cardigan, black opaque tights, and black flats. I’m wearing that exact outfit today. hehe.}

3 Responses to “sunwashed”

  1. MollieB said:

    ps–i also have a bit of a black loving wardrobe–it just so happens that everything i pick out looks best in black…right!!?!?

  2. amy korngiebel said:

    i find myself drawn to these pants, too. gap always seems to fit me so well.

    thanks for the post, alyson. i’ll definitely let you know when i need some design therapy.

  3. ambika said:

    Participating in wardrobe remix really got me experimenting in color–especially with my bottom half–in a way I never have in my whole life. These colors are tempting but I have a bad record of fitting into Gap’s styles.

    And my gosh, given your designs, and how out of my element I feel with trying to come up with business cards, I’m thrilled to see you offering that service. The moment I’m out of Moo cards, I may take advantage of that. (Love *all* of those headers.)