sweet baby björn

my dear friend Jess of Heartthrobs & Villians needs our help. her adorable kitty Björn has an intestinal blockage that requires a surgery that she can’t afford alone. her only options are expensive emergency surgery or euthanize. she’s looked into funds from non-profits in town but most are set up for non-emergency surgeries and for a spay/neuter. so now she’s looking for our help.

she’s set up an etsy shop where friends and creative minds alike are donating goods to be sold for saving Björn. Jess makes these awesome hand woven wool scarves that I can say I’ve admired for some time now. the scarves are unisex, so buy one for yourself and for your sweetheart, sister, mother, brother, friend, dad, etc. all of the proceeds from the shop are going toward Björn’s surgery and she plans to take the shop down as soon as she has collected enough.

Jess is also offering to cook a romantic dinner for two before the end of the year for a $50 donation. so if you live in the Portland area, she’ll plan the meal, bring the groceries, and cook for you. if any of you have read her food blog, Unique Eggbeater, you know that Jess is a fabulous cook.

it’s not every day that you get a chance to impact someone’s life. this little kitty needs surgery and we can help save him. email me at alyson.jg {at} gmail.com if you’ve got any questions. and thank you in advance for your help and support!!!

“I really appreciate all the support and love that I have been given from friends and family. keep Björn in your thoughts. we have a big couple days ahead of us.” – xo, Jess

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  1. Joanna Goddard said:

    this is fantastic. good luck! i will try to think of other ways to help, too….