the coolest

I could not have been more lucky to have had Tania Kaufmann as my swap partner for the mobile swap.  this is – by far – the coolest mobile of the entire bunch.  not only are dlb and I thrilled with our new mobile, but I’m also thrilled to have discovered an amazing designer!  I hope to see more of what she creates, but you can check out her website here.  
thank you Tania!

{when we hung this up, Moose and Chuck were both eyeing the mobile as it spun around.  we told them that if they go anywhere near this, those bad looking little monsters will kick their butts!}

13 Responses to “the coolest”

  1. jo said:

    oh wow!!!! it´s so great!!! i love both, this, and the mobile you sent too!

  2. Bree said:

    wow, that really is beautiful, you are a lucky lady!

  3. Megan Ruth said:

    That is stunning! What are those made out of? Is it paper? They look so delicate.

  4. alyson. said:

    they seem to be painted on card stock.

    and they are super delicate!! she had them wrapped individually so that they wouldn’t tangle.

  5. Catherine said:

    How fantastic, I am very envious!

  6. Czina said:

    this is really cool. i am sorry i missed the mobile swap. damn!

  7. erica-knits said:

    Wow that is one really cool Mobile! You are a lucky duck!

  8. sulu-design said:

    I never would have thought of joining in on this swap, but the mobiles that I’ve been seeing around have really been awesome. Yours is super cool.

  9. Joanna Goddard said:

    amazing! those little dudes are so awesome!!

  10. Jessica said:

    simpyl fantastic- i love these pieces.!!!

  11. shanna said:

    that mobile is crazy cool! i’m off to follow her link.

  12. michelle said:

    so unique and fun!