uniform studio

have you seen Martha of Uniform Studio’s collection of lovely clothes for women and children? I first took notice of her after seeing a photo of Mav wearing one of her shirts. now, I have literally fallen head over heels for those delicious fabrics on the opening page of her new Womens 2008 collection. I love the simplicity and I love the uniqueness of her pieces.
if you’re lucky, you can snatch up one of her lovely things tomorrow. she’s having a spring cleaning sale in her shop Thursday at 1pm CST.
{from uniform studio}

4 Responses to “uniform studio”

  1. shanna said:

    martha is such an inspiration!

  2. Mme. Fabuleux said:

    I love the calm tones and colors of this clothing. Very beautiful!

  3. ambika said:

    I can’t believe I missed the sale. Her work is fantastic.

  4. Jess said:

    I love her stuff. It reminds me of the w+k set in portland.