vintage shoes

does anyone else search the vintage section on etsy or ebay as much as I do? I’m always on the hunt for shoes and it seems like the really good ones get snatched up before I can decide if I want them or not, or the bidding gets out of control. a vintage pair of oxfords I was following on ebay last week spiked up to $145! geez, for that price I may as well just buy some new shoes.
but today I found this darling shop on etsy stocked with lots of vintage shoe goodness, unfortunately none in my size.
{from allen company}

2 Responses to “vintage shoes”

  1. Joanna Goddard said:

    very cute. i have giant feet, though, so vintage shoes never fit:)

  2. ambika said:

    Vintage shoes always seem to run so much more narrow so even if they are technically supposed to be my size, they never fit. Sigh.