white space wednesday

I’m a big fan of simplicity. while I appreciate complex detail and subject matter, I’m more drawn to the simple, clean, and clear focused things. like a white blouse, or tiny doodles on a big sheet of paper, or classic monograms on white sheets.
white space is the negative space between elements in a composition. in art and photography, white space is often used to create a feeling of balance and interestingness. white space shouldn’t be considered as simply blank space, but rather an important element to achieving the overall feeling of a photo. simply stated, it’s a balance between the positive and negative space.
last week, I started a set on my flickr stream called white space wednesday. now, I’d like you to join me in my challenge to find beauty in white space, so I’ve started a flickr group, dedicated to utilizing white space in a photo. creatively and literally. let the subject share the spotlight with the negative space.
so here are the rules:
• make the negative space just as interesting as the main part of your photos.
• the white space doesn’t always have to be white. I just find it prettier that way.
• you can post 5 photos a week.
• remember simplicity can be soothing.
• the pictures don’t always have to be taken on or uploaded on wednesday, just remember to add the tag, “white space wednesday” to your pictures.
• and… have fun with negative space!

{image from top to bottom: aerodynamics, branco no branco, day 54/365, stripes of all kinds, untitled, white carpet, untitled, the end.}

2 Responses to “white space wednesday”

  1. Claudia said:

    I will start next wednesday…good idea :)

  2. ali said:

    Great idea, Alyson! I hope to contribute! I enjoy your photography so much.