I love this scarf spotted on the oh so fashionable Sally Shim. aparently, Yu-i, who creates these lovely prints, also makes these fabulous skinny hand-woven scarves. I remember taking a weaving class when I was a little girl at summer camp, and weaving the most awesome things on a giant loom. these scarves make me want to take up weaving again, if just to make one fabulous scarf.

update: thanks to Jessica for pointing out that these scarves are also available from The Shiny Squirrel, in chunky blue or green wool! I love love love that blue.

{via shim and sons, top images from reform school, bottom image from sally shim}

3 Responses to “yu-i”

  1. birdonthelawn said:

    i love what i see here and read here. reform school is amazing!

  2. kellyr said:

    So pretty and perfect for cool Spring weather days!

  3. Jessica said:

    these are so pretty and she does make some amazing pieces, please come by the shop to check out what we have in store.