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I seem to forget what day it is quite often. I go on all day thinking that it’s another day, and even confuse myself as I did yesterday. I even took my 366 photo as if it were wsw.
thanks to those of you who helped me with my little favor yesterday. I really appreciate your comments. I’ve been thinking of adding a new feature to unruly things for awhile now. tomorrow will be the first installment. stay tuned for what it is!!
in the meantime, I’m busy up to my earlobes. work-work and fun-work. also, dlb and I are going to DeVotchka tonight at the Wonder Ballroom. I’m excited… but in a way I’m sort of not. thinking about the things I have to do and staying up late on week nights really bugs me. I’m so old. a few years ago, I was partying every week night. now I can barely stay up past 10 and can’t remember what day it is!! ;)
so until tomorrow, please stop by white space wednesday and participate in the white space goodness flowing in the group pool.
{photo by storygoil}


mobile inspiration

a dear friend of mine is having a baby this summer. I’ve been searching high and low for the perfect baby gift. I’ve planned to check out some stores in Portland this week and next, but in the meantime I’ve been looking for ideas online. while browsing the cool site Modern Tots, which has lots of great toys and clothes for newborns, I came across these mobiles. a little while back I participated in a mobile swap and had a lot of fun making my mobile. I’ve been considering making a well constructed mobile for her and these really gave me that kick of inspiration I needed. now to decide what animal to create!
{from modern tots}


sunali + pre-designed headers

as you may have noticed, I’m in the process of updating my website. previously, sunali design served as a hosting site for my portfolio, filled with work created by me. the site needed to be updated and basically, I just didn’t feel like it really “fit” what I was all about. so, I’m excited to announce that this summer, sunali will now be dedicated to product and custom design. in the meantime, I’ll be hard at work creating new things for the shop and updating my website.

speaking of the shop… yesterday I added 14 pre-designed headers to the things available at sunali creations.
these are pre-designed headers which can be customized with your blog name and title. you are free to suggest color changes or simply go with the colors provided. I will only make minimal changes to the illustrations, so what you see is what you get! if you are interested in a header, email or convo me on etsy.
so! over the course of the next month or so, I’m going to be super busy with shop updates and site changes, along with a much needed vacation to Florida. I’m planning on exciting things and I’ll be sure to post some sneak peaks along the way.
I’m excited… are you?


ken bailey

I’m really in to animal illustrations lately and since I’ve always had a thing for vintage advertising and posters, I fell in love with these. while these prints by Ken Bailey aren’t actually “vintage” the illustrations are still reminiscent of the vintage advertising style.
{from ken bailey}


right this second…

I simply can not wait:
to sleep in tomorrow. I need sleep.

I really hope:
my darn cats don’t wake me up.
{they pound on the door every morning a 5am. those rats}

I’m growing closer everyday to:
1000th post to unruly things.
{special things are being planned!}

I’m looking forward to:
lucky 13 and stumptown tart.
working on things for the shop.
organizing things. {photoshoots, meet ups, etc}
warmer weather. soon please?

happy friday my friends!

{photo by destiny}