the abcs of gocco

on Saturday I had my first taste of Gocco and I loved it. I created this image using 7 different fonts to display the alphabet. I kind of wanted to explore my options and learn the process with out being too detailed. the white ink didn’t turn out super great, but I still think it looks cool. I love how easy it felt and I loved how quickly I got it. I still have some things to figure out, like drop outs and ink coverage and how hard to squeeze down to get a good print, but Gocco really is great. it’s small and compact and fairly an easy clean up. I feel like I’m armed with a method of printing that I think I’ll really grow to love.

6 Responses to “the abcs of gocco”

  1. Whatever Dee-Dee wants said:

    I love playing with my Gocco, so much fun!

  2. Krissy said:

    Great print! I love gocco…

  3. Casey said:

    you beat me to it! i have had my gocco machine for at least a month now, but have been timid to try it, because i want the perfect design, and it to come out perfect… don’t know if either will happen. i like your alphabet.

  4. Sara Christine said:

    Did you teach yourself? The San Francisco Center For The Book offers an introductory Gocco class that I am tempted to take, but maybe I should just experiment on my own and see what pops up. I love your creation!

  5. Emily said:

    Thanks for the Gocco post! Your alphabet turned out beautifully- I’m ready to order a gocco right now. Be sure to post more on your experiences with it!