investing in reusable shopping bags is one of the easiest things that you can do in an effort to becoming more green. not only are they super convenient, but they are smart too. these bags from Baggu come in a lot of different colors and are offered at a pretty fair price. and they don’t contribute to that growing collection of paper bags under your sink!
most grocery stores are beginning to offer reusable bags at the check out for a pretty cheap price. we’ve got a bundle of the Whole Foods bags, but I kind of like how small and compact these Baggu bags fold up. I could throw a bunch of them in my purse. that way they wouldn’t be accidentally left at home.
{from baggu}
{an example of a large company going green? Whole Foods is going plastic bag free today and they will no longer be offering plastic as an option}
{want a little more perspective about the growing problem with consumer waste? Chris Jordan, a photographic artist, has compiled images portraying everyday items that contribute to the growing problem of waste on our planet. his series, titled Running the Numbers, really puts it into perspective. 60,000 plastic bags, the number used in the US every five seconds, can take thousands of years to break down in a landfill.}


5 Responses to “baggu”

  1. Sarah said:

    I never go anywhere without my envirosak. They are so roomy and fold up to fit perfectly in my bag.

  2. sara T said:

    these bags look great, but there is nothing environmentally friendly about being made in china, depite the fact that the baggu website claims they are ethically made.

  3. alyson. said:

    you are absolutely right, Sara. thanks for pointing that out! I’m searching for a better, made in the USA, alternative. :)

  4. allison said:

    i love my baggus, though i’m a bit disappointed to know where they’re made.

  5. Amy Nieto said:

    Oh gosh, Jordan’s artwork made me shed a little tear. I am nowhere near being the awesome green person I aspire to be, but I do my bit by bit. American’s are so bloody wasteful, we need to be educated. This is no freakin joke.

    As far as shopping bags, I started making mine out of these canvas shoe storage thingies from Ikea I found at Goodwills (no i have not finished them because I am slow and lazy).

    Also, is everything that’s made in China ethically wrong? Though, I definitely prefer supporting USA made-products.