bows and buttons

not that I really want to be thinking about wearing any more wool right now, but isn’t this coat cute? I love those buttons.
{from decades}

7 Responses to “bows and buttons”

  1. stacy said:

    super cute. the buttons are the best.

  2. rachel said:

    Im so ready for summer…. but after seeing this coat i’m kinda wishin’ for the cold weather to stick around so i can get my fingers on that coat! So true about the buttons… so cute!

  3. michelle {lovely.little.things} said:

    adorable, wrong season but I still want it!

  4. TokyoBunnie said:

    I LOVE this coat

  5. Amy Nieto said:

    buy it for next season!

  6. ambika said:

    So coveting. If only my coat closet wasn’t already exploding.

  7. canyouhearme? said:

    so so darling! i always find the CUTEST coats right when i dont want to wear them. hate that.