hand puppet

part of the reason for my trip to Tampa in May is to visit a friend who is having a baby. I’ve been getting really excited about finding the perfect gift for her and baby boy, thus I’ve spent way too much time browsing baby sites. I plan to get baby boy a onesie and maybe a sweet toy. yesterday, I came across these hand puppets, if not for the baby, but for myself! that moose is too cute.
{from modern tots}

5 Responses to “hand puppet”

  1. Chelsea said:

    Those are super cute!

  2. Kate said:

    It’s so amazing to see the things I was semi-involved with at dwellstudio out there in the world. I sat in so many meetings about these puppets and what colors and what animals and what packaging, etc etc etc. I nearly forgot they existed that was so long ago!

  3. Sarah said:

    They are so darling!

  4. jenny said:

    thanks, alyson! those are too cute. i have so many baby gifts to buy right now, and you can bet your butt that i’m going to get these puppets. thanks again for doing some shopping for me. you save me so much time! your blog is so full of wonderfulness that I don’t know how you do it. it’s quickly become one of my favorites! : )

  5. Bree said:

    absolutely darling!