kat t-strap

another one of the things on my “must have for summer” list is this pair of Frye flats. I’ve been eying these since before I even wanted to think about letting my feet go with out giant wooly socks on them. they look quite comfortable and a little sporty, with enough tread for days spent walking in the summer sun.
now if only I can convince dlb to let me get them…
{from zappos}

5 Responses to “kat t-strap”

  1. jillian said:

    dude, i was so in love with those too! i ordered mine from piperlime in silver, and just to let you know, they ran a 1/2 to whole size big and slipped off my feet. my hubby was happy they were too big! plus, for the price, i just couldn’t justify them because they didn’t look as nice in person and felt kind of flimsy. but they do look great in pics!!!

  2. Claudia said:

    Hum…a little too expensive for my budget. But very cute!

  3. alice said:

    Oh, I love these! Perfect summer wear.

  4. Jessica said:

    I love frye shoes…great boots and their new heels are incredible.

  5. TokyoBunnie said:

    oh my, i adore these!! so happy to have found your lovely blog!