right this second…

…so tired. but the Avett Brothers were well worth the late night.
{if you have yet to see them in concert, you should. it’s definitely a treat.}

I couldn’t be more happy:
that today is friday.

I really like:
this tea towel. {via design for mankind}
this print.
this fox.
and this fox.

I’m getting nervous:
about my clicking speed for Radiohead tickets tomorrow.
{both pre-sale events sold out in seconds}

I’m craving:
butternut squash soup. {my sixth and final time cooking it this season}

this weekend, I’m looking forward to:
playing with this.
frolicking in tulip fields.

happy friday!
{photo by me}

5 Responses to “right this second…”

  1. j.wo said:

    the Avett Brothers are worth almost anything to see them play live. I live near their home town and first saw them playing a friend’s birthday party. Even back then, we all knew they were going to make it big. And just so you know, they put as much energy into a tiny birthday party as they do a huge concert performance.
    happy friday!

  2. alice said:

    I have London Radiohead tix. Hope you get yours :)

  3. Murial Mercurial said:

    I hope this isn’t too random, since I don’t actually know you, but I wanted to commiserate on the inability to get Radiohead tickets. I’ve been hardcore disappointed twice now because of the presale tickets selling out so fast. It’s amazing how fast they went this morning, I seriously doubt my chances for tomorrow, which is terrible considering how little they tour in America.
    Good luck!

  4. jo said:

    good luck with the radiohead tickets!!! they’ve never been to mexico :(

  5. Mrs.French said:

    Love the print and the first fox the best. Good luck getting Radiohead tickets…I am afraid of defeat so I am giving up before I even start.