right this second…

I simply can not wait:
to sleep in tomorrow. I need sleep.

I really hope:
my darn cats don’t wake me up.
{they pound on the door every morning a 5am. those rats}

I’m growing closer everyday to:
1000th post to unruly things.
{special things are being planned!}

I’m looking forward to:
lucky 13 and stumptown tart.
working on things for the shop.
organizing things. {photoshoots, meet ups, etc}
warmer weather. soon please?

happy friday my friends!

{photo by destiny}

3 Responses to “right this second…”

  1. Mrs.French said:

    Happy weekend! Now that you so generously informed me of it’s existance…I am also looking forward to Stumptown tart….wheeeeee!

  2. maggienikole said:

    happy saturday,
    hope you slept in.
    my favorite part of your post:
    when you call your cats, “rats”.
    funny to me,
    as i do the same.

  3. Casey said:

    i am excited to see what is in store for sunali summer 2008…