smitten sweet potato

last night I made this for dinner. I don’t normally rave about food that I’ve cooked on my blog but this recipe has got me raving. I frequently haunt Smitten Kitchen and am always inspired by what she has to say and of course, what she is cooking. everything that I’ve made from her blog has turned out delicious and most I’ve cooked more than once. but in particular I wanted to highlight the Sweet Potato and Sausage Soup that I cooked last night.
first of all, since I don’t eat meat, I used Field Roast’s Smoked Apple Sage “Sausage” instead of the Portuguese linguica sausage that the recipe calls for. I often buy these sausages to add to pasta sauces or top on pizzas. since the recipe gets it’s usual flavor from the linguica sausage, which is spiced with paprika, garlic and other spices, I added 1 tbsp of paprika and 1/8 tsp of cayenne pepper to the soup to achieve the essential spice lost from substituting sausages. I followed everything else in the recipe.

and it tasted SO good.

I love making soup and do quite often, but of all the soups that I have made, only a few make it to the table a second time. this one has proven to be a winner. it’s hearty, it’s perfect for a cold rainy day, and it’s super easy to make. see the recipe here.
{from smitten kitchen}

3 Responses to “smitten sweet potato”

  1. Lucy said:

    love soup. love smitten kitchen. :)

  2. chloe van paris said:

    i have to forget patatoes for a while i am on a diet.I love your blog
    do you want to share link with me ?
    have a look to my french art@fashion blog.

  3. jenny gordy said:

    thank you, alyson! i am a soup maniac, always looking for good recipes. that one sounds awesome.