something non-traditional

I’m big on the idea of non-traditional weddings. that being said, I’ve thought that a non-traditional ring would be perfect for me. ever since I first saw this ring a month or so back, I’ve been entirely intrigued with it and with the beauty of grey diamonds. I like their uniqueness.
{this ring is labradorite, but at first I thought it was a grey diamond}
{from sundance}


13 Responses to “something non-traditional”

  1. Kelly said:

    really, really lovely. i’m also in love with the idea of non-traditional engagement/wedding rings. i’ve always lusted after an antique version.

  2. laceyJ. said:

    I love Sundance jewelry- we have an outlet store close by- and, this piece is beautiful!

  3. Borda said:

    Here’s the important question. Why are you so interested in engagement rings? Is there something you need to tell me?

  4. kellyr said:

    A beautiful, soft, simple ring, what a treasure! Love it.

  5. MissEm said:

    The rose cut diamond in my ring has a couple visual “flaws.” I love them thought..they remind me that a diamond is a special organic thing.

  6. Sarah said:

    This is lovely. But have you joined the shopping market for engagement rings?? Because that would be way cool!

  7. ambika said:

    I’m a huge fan of labradorite–it has a lot of flash, like opals, that doesn’t translate well in photos.

    I’ll have to check out gray diamonds if they’re anything like this.

  8. ali said:

    Dear Sundance: Someday when I am rich I am going to buy all of your jewelry, except the ones that appear too hippie-ish or look like pewter.

    xo. ali

    (This is a gorgeous choice.)

  9. Jessica said:

    My grandma used to be the jewelry buyer for Sundance. So I have some pretty lovely pieces. And her collection…It takes up 3 jewelry boxes with 6 drawers each!

    I wanted to go for the nontraditional also, and did quite a bit of research. Then went with a diamond. I went with a diamond b/c the stones I wanted were too soft; and I am WAY hard on things. So becareful about that.

  10. erica said:

    labradorite is really lovely. i really like grey and cognac diamonds, also.

    i would have gone with a pearl ring, except they are extremely delicate. although, i chipped my diamond, so maybe i should stick with a plain gold band!

  11. Amy Nieto said:

    I’m a non-traditionalist as well (in fact, after working as a banquet server for 7 months am getting the wedding bug and now want to design wedding events — quirky amy stle), Id probably go for a turquoise/wooden ring, just because they’re my most favorite materials in the whole world. Zirconian is my birthstone but bluah.

    Actually, I’m fine and happy with a cute plastic $2 ring from Forever 21 lol As long as I am engaged and have somebody who loves me! *amy cries uncontrollably* *proceeds to watch Sleepless in Seattle*