sunali + pre-designed headers

as you may have noticed, I’m in the process of updating my website. previously, sunali design served as a hosting site for my portfolio, filled with work created by me. the site needed to be updated and basically, I just didn’t feel like it really “fit” what I was all about. so, I’m excited to announce that this summer, sunali will now be dedicated to product and custom design. in the meantime, I’ll be hard at work creating new things for the shop and updating my website.

speaking of the shop… yesterday I added 14 pre-designed headers to the things available at sunali creations.
these are pre-designed headers which can be customized with your blog name and title. you are free to suggest color changes or simply go with the colors provided. I will only make minimal changes to the illustrations, so what you see is what you get! if you are interested in a header, email or convo me on etsy.
so! over the course of the next month or so, I’m going to be super busy with shop updates and site changes, along with a much needed vacation to Florida. I’m planning on exciting things and I’ll be sure to post some sneak peaks along the way.
I’m excited… are you?

5 Responses to “sunali + pre-designed headers”

  1. simplesong said:

    lovely + great work!

  2. allison said:

    your aesthetic makes me happy. :)


  3. Robin said:

    I love those headers! You are so creative.

  4. Mrs.French said:

    These are wonderful! Can’t wait to see mine. wheeeeeeee!

  5. jenny gordy said:

    is it weird that i want to buy every header that you made even though i already have one? they’re so good i just want them all to myself! : )