white space wednesday

thank you again for all of those who joined white space wednesday. I’m loving the look of the group. here are a few of my favorites, which were hard to pick from the lovely pool. for more info or to sign up, check out the group here.
{photos from afteronemore, yataro1, and laceyj}

8 Responses to “white space wednesday”

  1. scissorspaperglue said:

    wow those are photos are really great. really interesting concept!

  2. Joanna Goddard said:

    love this concept, good for you xoxo

  3. laceyJ. said:

    Thank you for creating such a fun group! I’m loving all the wonderful pictures…!

  4. lola said:

    your flickr group rocks! thanks for the invite :)

  5. sulu-design said:

    So glad you started this. I’m loving these images.

  6. amy korngiebel said:

    the second photo looks completely inviting. i love white linens. i love books. both of them together is absolute comfort and beauty.

  7. pia said:

    oh i didnt know about white space wednesday – is it becuase i am not flickr savvy yet? oh one day perhaps i will be! but i did take some photos and posted them on wednesday, and they happened to be featuring alot of white!

  8. donna said:

    Loving the pics on white space wednesday.

    d x