I seem to forget what day it is quite often. I go on all day thinking that it’s another day, and even confuse myself as I did yesterday. I even took my 366 photo as if it were wsw.
thanks to those of you who helped me with my little favor yesterday. I really appreciate your comments. I’ve been thinking of adding a new feature to unruly things for awhile now. tomorrow will be the first installment. stay tuned for what it is!!
in the meantime, I’m busy up to my earlobes. work-work and fun-work. also, dlb and I are going to DeVotchka tonight at the Wonder Ballroom. I’m excited… but in a way I’m sort of not. thinking about the things I have to do and staying up late on week nights really bugs me. I’m so old. a few years ago, I was partying every week night. now I can barely stay up past 10 and can’t remember what day it is!! ;)
so until tomorrow, please stop by white space wednesday and participate in the white space goodness flowing in the group pool.
{photo by storygoil}

4 Responses to “wsw”

  1. Mrs.French said:

    Have a wonderful time…yet another place in Portland I have not been. hrmph!

  2. Emily said:

    Oh! I went to the DeVotchka concert in Eugene last night. It was amazing. I’m sure the Portland one will rock as well.

  3. d.Sharp said:

    But you are young Allison! Trust me, it goes downhill from here {just memory-wise and staying out late,late}

  4. Joanna Goddard said:

    i LOVE this photo.