and the winner is:

thanks for all of the comments and words of encouragement about my 1000th post. I value you, readers, and I’m so happy that I could put together this giveaway for you.
so… drum roll please!!! this morning, I printed out all of the comments that were left before 5pm PST yesterday and we cut them up, folded them, and put them into a bowl. then dlb tossed them around a bit, turned his head away, and picked a comment.

the winner of 25 customized calling cards with the illustration of your choice is:

who said, “Oh! Felicitation! 1000 post & hoping for many thousands more! If I won, i know already what i’d like!! The oh so lovely poppies you recently did for the customize header!
DLB pick me, pick me!”

no joke. dlb picked you out of the bowl. we both laughed this morning because I had been joking how funny it would be if he picked you. so, Emilie, email me with your information and I’ll send you a proof asap.

to anyone else who is interested in customized calling cards, I can create 25 cards for $30 with any illustration of your choice. just email me for more info.

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  1. sarah said:

    That’s the sweetest I’ve hear in quiet some time. Love the photos as well