the indoor garden

doesn’t this image from west elm make you want to go buy some orchids and succulents, paint your windows and wooden bench bright green, throw the windows open and watch the curtains blow in the breeze, and relax inside by your indoor garden all day long? it sure makes me want to go out and buy these gardenesque things immediatly.
{from west elm}

7 Responses to “the indoor garden”

  1. Chelsea said:

    Thanks. This is inspiring. I really want to add these sorts of green accents to my apartment.

  2. {Amanda} said:

    yes! now if only I had a green thumb to go with it all =)

  3. stacy said:

    indoor plants make a home feel so much more alive. I love it.

  4. Heather said:

    Seriously, that picture is my dream home! Beautiful!

  5. the southern hostess said:

    That’s so lovely! I love the black and white prints.

  6. Amy Nieto said:

    Youcan find many glass jars like that at michaels. I bought one and have a little birdie inside in an est. maybe i should let him roam free.

  7. albertapostcards said:

    yes it does — I’d also love that green grid for the window.