david cook

so, I didn’t even watch American Idol this season.  not one minute of it.  but tonight when I opened up iTunes, the thing across the top blared American Idol top 2 so I decided to listen to a few of their songs.  I was immediately taken by David Cook.  just as Bo Bice swooned me with his rocker vibe and incredible renditions of Whipping Post and In a Dream a few years back, David got me with that raspy voice and his versions of Music of the Night {absolutely best musical EVER} and Billie Jean, only like my favorite song ever in the most amazing arrangement.

so yea, go David Cook!  hoorah for the win!

6 Responses to “david cook”

  1. Whitney said:

    I just discovered David Cook today too! His version of “innocent” I think it’s called it beautiful too. His voice makes me melt, I’m not gonna lie. :)

  2. Robin said:

    I’ve been a fan of his all along. Hello and Eleanor Rigby are my favorites! Oh and the Collective Soul one he did Tuesday night.
    I was partly rooting for little David A. because he’s from my town and such a cute little guy, but I’m happy for DC too!

  3. Aran said:

    I am not a hge fan of American Idol either but I heard him sing Eleanor Rigby and that was it for me. He got me with that one. He will do well I think.

  4. katrina said:

    i love him! he’s great. typically that is not my style of music, but i really dig him. he seems so nice as well.

  5. Carolina Eclectic said:

    I’m so excited to see David Cook win. He really is so talented. I always loved Bo too :)

  6. amy said:

    alyson. how could you.