eco-chic + thanks!

I wanted to thank the kind miss Emily of Eco-Chic Weddings and the Indie Wedding Guide for featuring Sunali Design as an Editor’s Choice this week! her blog focuses on ways to keep your wedding edo-friendly and smart. I had a “why hadn’t I thought of it” moment when I read her insightful post about “save the date” cards. she featured Sunali in a post about converting the proper ritual of sending a save the date card into a creatively designed email to be sent to your friends and family, and suggested I design one for you! so, if you’re up for the eco-friendly, non-traditional route, please let me know.
I’m also available for traditional save the date cards and invitations as well. please contact me for rates.

thanks again Emily!

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  1. jenny gordy said:

    congratulations! that’s awesome.