last week in my rts I posted about these necklaces at Elk. I have not been able to get them out of my mind. they are gorgeous. I love the combination of materials – ribbon, wood, horn, resin – and I really want one.
{from elk}

8 Responses to “elk”

  1. Kate said:

    Wow, agreed! This is definitely the style of jewelry I’m loving lately.

  2. Aran said:

    I love these, especially the first one with the tie in the back. Would look so beautiful with a messy chignon!

  3. Lucy said:

    yeah, I pretty much loved these instantly when I followed your link on Friday.

  4. Kloth & Bolt said:

    i love Elk, i’ve purchased a few times for myself and for gifts, you can’t go wrong! -kb

  5. Catherine said:

    I love elk too, they have such beautifully made items. I have a bird brooch which is a lovely light, near white, timber that I am still quite obsessed with. I’ve thought many times about buying a necklace…so tempting.


    Ever since you linked these necklaces the other day, I also haven’t been able to get them out of my mind. I’ve left the tab to the Elk website up for several days now, I’m glad you showed the pictures since they are absolutely gorgeous and muted.

  7. Joslyn said:

    these are great…organic and pretty. nice for summer.

  8. Kristine said:

    The Elk accessories are fantastic. By coincidence I bought an Elk wooden necklace two days ago – strings of petrol blue beads. Great for blue eyed girls. I think you can order online.