happy 1000 to me!

it’s pretty amazing to think, that in the fall of 2006, this blog was born. and twenty months later, I’ve reached 1000 posts. I’ve loved every single thing about blogging. I’ve loved meeting you, sharing my inspiration and wish list with you, telling you a little bit about my life, dlb, and those rats, and putting out my little two cents to the world.
so, to thank you, my loyal readers, I’m offering a little give away to celebrate 1000 posts. I’m offering a set of 25 customized calling cards, with a small illustration of your choice to a random winner! please comment on this post between today and Sunday 5pm PST with what you’d love to see on your calling card. a random winner will be pulled from a hat by my trusty side kick, dlb and the winner will be announced Monday.here’s an example of a set of calling cards I designed for Sara, who’s header I also designed. she wanted a set of cards that she could give to her friends and family and whom ever might get so lucky to receive one. I printed them in three colors, so that she could have some variety. so, if you want some too, here’s your chance at a set, totally free, customized by me.

happy 1000! and thank you for reading, friends!

55 Responses to “happy 1000 to me!”

  1. Heather said:

    I’d love to see a neat vintage camera on my calling cards! I love this giveaway!

  2. Mirjam said:

    i have been wanting to get some calling cards for all those playground encounters, where one says: i should get your number to get the kids together for a playdate…

  3. Kelly said:

    congrats Alyson!!! can’t wait for the next 1,000.

    i’m obsessed with calling cards, yet i don’t have any. i’d love to have a set with a gritty image of a vintage rotary phone!

  4. Claudia said:

    I don’t really know what calling cards are (are they like business cards but for “non business people”???). Anyway, I would have those nice little cards with squirrels and acorns! But modern squirrels not “so so cute I will be sick” squirrels!

  5. erin said:

    I’m a huge fan of two things: books and stars. They wouldn’t have to be together, just one or the other, but this idea is fun to think about!

  6. Muriel Mercurial said:

    Congratulations! I’m only at 200 posts, I believe, and I can’t even fathom reaching 1000. I think your designs are gorgeous, btw… I’ve been thinking about buying something from your shop anyway.

  7. Dennise said:

    I’d love to have calling cards with mushrooms on them.
    You are so awesome for doing this giveaway!

  8. Kara said:

    Love your blog! I read it everyday and I would love some calling cards you designed.

  9. tessa said:

    how fun! i would love to have these w/ a bike illustration on them, for all the neat people i meet when i ride around town.

    congrats on 1000 posts!

  10. Andria said:

    I also love the vintage camera idea for calling cards as I’m getting into photography. congrats on reaching 1000 posts!

  11. Lucy said:

    congratulations on the big 1000! that’s incredible :)
    and those cards are a-dorable. I think I’d like something bird-ish. but everything you make is so darn cute, it wouldn’t really matter.

  12. atout said:

    you’ve read my mind! i’ve been searching for some calling cards. i’d love anything you’d make, but i’m particularly in love with silhouettes lately.

    i love love love reading you blog and congrats on reaching 1000!

  13. caroline said:

    congrats on 1000! i’m getting close to that but have been far less successful.

    your blog is a joy i look forward to every day.

    you do such beautiful stuff, i’d be glad to have anything. but i’ll play by the rules: a simple, brightly colored antique typewriter would suit me!

  14. Laura said:

    & what a fantastic giveaway!!!

    …it’s just so gosh darn hard to decide what I would want. Apples maybe, or an owl…perhaps even a goat! (I’ve been very infatuated with goats lately). hahaha.

  15. Mrs.French said:

    oh how I want these sweet cards to go with my already sweet, sweet header…

  16. quaint handmade said:

    congratulations on no. 1,000. i’m only on no. 26 and wonder if i’ll make it through the rest of may ;)!

  17. SimplyE said:

    congrats on making it to 1000 posts! how exciting!! I love your cute designs…

  18. Olivia Carter said:

    Wow! 1,000 posts! HURRAY! And I have been wanting some cute cards with my email & website on- SO CUTE!

  19. Tori said:

    I would love to see little birdies or even an owl or two…

    Congrats on 1,000… that is so exciting, waaaahooooooo!

  20. olga said:

    congrats on the milestone! i stumbled upon your blog when you still lived in tampa (my current place of residence) and i’ve been checking it out regularly ever since. i love your sense of style and your eye for design. keep on posting, i can’t get enough!

    and as far as calling cards go, i’d love some with little ants on them or maybe some other buggy creatures.

  21. Natalie* said:

    ooh me me!!! pick me!! then i’ll by additional cards!

    i don’t care what you put on it… surprise me!!!

  22. Anne in Oxfordshire said:

    Just called in to say Hi, found you on Google Reader…what an achievement 1000 posts!!!

    Love the little cards…hope I am lucky enough to win !! :-)

  23. jen said:

    Congrats on 1000!

    I would love calling cards featuring a little peacock (my maiden name)! Something to give out to people I meet when I don’t want to give out a boring old business card.

    Do you take orders for calling cards anyway?

  24. vbaish said:

    i’ve been thinking, since i am just finishing my graduate degree, that i might need calling cards and your look lovely…

  25. Leesh said:

    only 24 pple have signed up….what!

  26. Sara Christine said:

    Yay! I can’t wait to see my new cards in person. Standing excitedly by the mailbox in California! :)

    And what a nice giveaway – good luck to everyone!

  27. jo said:

    1000 yay’s, 1000 cheers, 1000 up & down jumps, 1000 congratulations on your wonderful 1000 unruly.things!!!

    it is such a pleasure to come by your blog every day!!!

  28. michelle {lovely.little.things} said:

    1000 Congratulations! I’d love to have a coffee mug or something of the like from my blog header you designed on a calling card.

    Cheers to unruly-things!

  29. Adeeba said:

    hip hip hooray for 1k!

    i’d love a vintage bike or a cupcake or a zebra.

    thanks for your wonderful posts!

  30. cait said:

    I’ve been puzzling over what I would put on the cardsif I won… I think I’d actually have a set made for my mom, with a picture of bees maybe…

    I have a million ‘moo cards’ I made from my flickr pictures… even if you aren’t into calling cards, it is worth googling ‘moo cards’ to see what people have done with them.

  31. Erin said:

    Felicitaciones! 1000 posts – very impressive. I am a linguist and would love something language-oriented…random letters, a book, a brain, you name it! Thanks for the great blog.

  32. Robin said:

    Congrats on 1000!
    Those calling cards are so cute…if I won some, I guess I would want a bird, or an apple, or maybe just a pretty design around it. Hard to decide!

  33. Lee said:

    I’d want a camera of some sort. Either a 35mm, a medium format or a polaroid camera. That would be sweet!

    Love your blog by the way. Very inspiring for me.

  34. .Manon. said:

    oh wow, pick me, pick me. that would be so awesome and would made my week (not just my day).
    I would love to see somethink like my mirka handbag om the card. there is a pic on my etsy (madebymanon.etsy.com)

    BTW.I really love the inspiration you give me. thanks


  35. amy said:

    oh wow! what an exciting giveaway!! happy 1000!

  36. Sarah said:

    Love them! They’d be perfect with an old telephone on them!

  37. sulu-design said:

    Happy 1000! Looking forward to lots of posts on the new blog, too.

  38. jeanette marie said:

    congrats! i would love to have calling cards w/ a silhouette of a young woman & a dog.

  39. Molly P. said:

    I found your blog from finding the yummy cooking one (going to try the pizza soon!!) I would love some calling cards! Maybe with a bird’s nest with some lovely eggs inside??

  40. Alicia said:

    Yay, can’t wait for more wonderful posts! I would love some calling cards with maybe some tulips?!

  41. Jennifer said:

    Greatest giveaway ever! … I’ve already had my fun contemplating imagery. I have to say “beret,” preferably a bouncing one.

  42. pve design said:

    I would love calling cards with my initials PvE and something green and summery.
    I would be the happiest gal in the land if I won these. You might even here my scream all the way to you, if I won.
    1000. wow that is a lot!

  43. Susan said:

    Congrats on a 1000! I so enjoy reading your blog! And this is a really nice giveaway…

  44. purdyinblue said:

    yay! congrats on the 1000! this is an excellent idea for a giveaway… *fingers crossed* hope i win!

  45. allison said:

    i’d love a deer or a fox or a vintage camera (a lomo!) on mine. oh and i love tulips too, and red pandas, and peacocks and birds and bikes! oh and strawberries! toooo many things.


  46. s. said:

    oh those ones with the umbrella are so cute…and they already have my first name on them!! and spelled correctly too :)

  47. Emilie said:

    Oh! Felicitation! 1000 post & hoping for many thounsands more! If I won, i know already what i’d like!! The oh so lovely poppies you recently did for the customize header!

    DLB pick me, pick me!

    (Fingers crossed)

  48. Sweetest Petula said:

    just found your blog and love it! Great giveaway. I would love little calling cards for “Jane Doe” with a little deer!

  49. p57inkpanther said:

    oh wow yes!

  50. Rita said:

    I’d like to see a girl jumping in the air on my calling cards!

  51. Michelle said:

    What a sweet way to celebrate. Congratulations!

  52. ambika said:

    I’m sorry I missed this because I love your designs! Congrats on the 1000!

  53. Tartelette said:

    I missed the drawing but wanted to wish you the best for the next 1000 posts!

  54. denise said:

    LOL…I have that same wallet in teal…anthropologie ..right?..small world…..can’t wait to see my new header!

  55. Ve Dupuis said:

    I just discovered your blog, wow, I’m a thousand posts late! I just graduated as a librarian, I would love to see my name with an illustration of a book drawn by you :) Long live unruly things!
    -Ve from Montreal