I heart dandelions

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dandelion world


11 Responses to “I heart dandelions”

  1. Tracey said:

    Beautiful- I think anything this lacey and perfect could not possibly be a weed!

  2. michelle said:

    Those are some great photos!

  3. {Amanda} said:

    Wow- I LUV these photos, they look fantastic!

  4. Catherine said:

    these are gorgeous pictures, there’s something free and slightly whimsical and child like about dandelions.
    I have tagged you, hope you don’t mind? Check out my blog for the details.

  5. Aran said:

    so ethereal and romantic…

  6. Sarah said:

    Lovely collection of images!

  7. Studio Jessi said:

    These are outta control lovely.

  8. Lorajean said:

    There truly is something so magical about these beautiful weed! :)

  9. lola said:

    i love dandelions too <3

  10. Alya said:

    the prettiest pictures of dandelions I’ve seen!

  11. Amy Nieto said:

    dear alyson, are there dandies in Portland? If so, AWESOME.

    It’s rare I find any here in Vegas, and when I do I can’t snap a picture, boo.